Furniture for hotels dedicated to the luxury sector

A hotel suitable furniture for the luxury sector is essential to strengthen their brand and have it arrive maybe even abroad. The important thing is to turn to competent and experienced people in the field, so you do not receive unwelcome surprises.

With Anthony Gallo is a safe bet! Gallo has many years of experience in the field, much of it devoted specifically to furnishing of luxury hotel industry. It will therefore be an honor for him and his staff furnish your hotel chains, resort or resorts. Gallo and his collaborators will provide furniture made from prized materials and superb fabrics. Anthony Gallo and his team will take care of everything, starting with on-site surveys and developing as a result of the design concept, based on customer guidelines. After developing the project, They will take care to show their customers render 2D and 3D plans, developed with specific software, so realistic that they'll almost think you have already set foot in furnished accommodation.

The areas to be furnished are not limited to rooms, but also extend to the lobby, -biglietto the reception cards of each hotel that respects- and even to the baths. Everything will be in the hands of the Gallo team. Floor coverings of the latter, beds, armchairs, sofas, but also shelves and other furniture elements such as paintings, photographs and mirrors to make unique your hotel. All with the finest materials and unique design, ranging from the most classic to the most modern. The customer will not have to worry about anything, if you do not give us their directives.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience, Gallo will cleverly decorate every corner of your luxury hotel, differentiating it from the competition and strengthen your brand. For more information, visit the contact us section in this menu.

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Furniture for high quality and design hotel.
Furniture for hotels. Solutions tailored and customized to your luxury hotel, in classic style, modern or design. Choose between our proposals.
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