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A furniture quality shops is a must if you want to bring their business to better, distinguishing it from the competition. The luxury shopping area in need of professionals who know how to skillfully decorate the spaces in the style chosen by the customer in order to make you feel comfortable and at ease both your employees, the soul of your store, both your customers.

high quality Armchairs, realized with the best materials and coated with fine fabrics, will be present in the waiting rooms of your luxury store. Counters made of precious woods represent a great working environment for your employees, resulting also gradevolissimi at the sight of your customers. Camerini large and well-designed welcome your clientele with large mirrors and flattering lights.

Not only clothing but, as our staff takes care to furnish every type of store: from the most refined style or the more modern, the result will be for you a pleasant surprise.

All the steps necessary to furnish your store will be in the capable hands of Anthony Gallo, a luxury furnishing professional who has previously furnished luxury shops, city, historical buildings, resort, resorts, Bar and restaurant chains. Anthony Gallo is a furniture industry professional for over 30 years and thanks to its qualified staff will take care of the furnishings in the best of your luxury store. With him work dozens of employees scattered throughout the peninsula: professional designers, renowned architects and qualified staff to make your unique luxury shop. Thanks to Anthony Gallo certainly be able to differentiate your store from the competition.

To contact our staff, with any questions or to request a quote, Click on the button “contact us” This in our menu. In furnishing luxury shops, the answer is Anthony Gallo.

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