Who is Anthony Gallo


Anthony Gallo is a professional in the furniture industry and his skills in this area, competitive today, is linked both to the passion he has for this work, the experience gained in the course of his life.

Anthony Gallo knows the value of work, it starts at six years, his career path, helping in an appliance store from time to time. It is there that she discovered her passion to fix small objects with their own hands. The turning point, however, occurs when Antonino accomplishes 13 years: That year begins a job in the family carpentry workshop where, for good 5 years, learn all the tricks of the trade, starting to paint furniture and snatching the years all the secrets of the furniture and their creation. And so on 18 he began his career as a representative of furniture, that will last several years and that will take him later to collaborate with several American companies, becoming their trusted distributor. This profession will give space to furnish big chain hotels, providing them with all the furniture and accessories they need. Work, this, it does grow out of the love of Gallo to the decor and design, much to get it going at the head of an agency representative for Italian furniture companies, leading companies in their industry.

In his distinguished career as an interior designer, Anthony Gallo has had the opportunity to furnish different types of environments, from suites to historic buildings, from the villas to the offices, from hospitals to pubs, until you get even naval furnishings.

With the experience gained in several years of work in the field and thanks to his passion for the job, Anthony Gallo is now a reference point for all those who need to furnish a room and his name is synonymous with excellence made in Italy.

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Anthony Gallo Representations: esperienza e competenza nel settore dell'arredamento.
Anthony Gallo Representations, established professional who combines passion,and experience the professionalism. Decorate and design any type of activity
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Anthony Gallo Representations
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